Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back in business!

I'm back! And the dolls and other creations are back as well. Here are a few of my latest creations.

Personally, I celebrate Halloween all year round.

Sparkley feet!

Around here, we believe in a little something called friends.

And of course, another doll. 

If you're interested in purchasing a creation, visit

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Doll Patterns and Designs

Know you want a doll of your own, but you just don't know what designs you want on it? Let me give you some ideas of what your doll could be wearing.

Remember: Custom dolls = $25 + price of chosen fabric and yarn + shipping

Into graphics and characters?

Summer picnics?

Stripes that stand out?


Girly florals?

Or bold prints?

[Note: These are just examples of fabrics and exact copies of patterns cannot be promised for dolls, but I will do my best to find the exact pattern or ones similar to it.]

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dolls Will Be Dolls

Okay, so I have ventured off quite a bit from my original sock people (but I still make those, of course) and found a love for making dolls.

Custom Dolls!

For this order I was given the fabric of the dresses to match the owners dresses!

Strawberry field forever anyone?

Sitting on the shelf is fun to do.

Buy two, one for you and one for a friend!

 I made this around Halloween, but haven't posted it until now. It's me! :]

Wednesday Addams, doll style.

What a pretty little face!

Kickin' it on the shelf.

Have friends with different hair trends, but wanna match?

Look at these Halloween beauties.

This doll is rockin' the sparkley dress and hip braid.

Check out her awesome tights!

Order a doll that looks just like you!

Someone ordered a doll with long blue hair, striped tights, and a yellow dress and rainboots! To me, she looks like she belongs in Adventure Time.

She has REALLY long hair.

Meet Verona
This was a custom ordered doll. The total for this custom doll was $35 (including shipping), and other custom doll prices would be similar, depending on prices of needed material.

Verona has a pink floral dress and purple floral tights.

Her hair is unique in that it is tied in a braid in the back.

She also has a little boho braid underneath.

Buy more than one, it's fun to have a set!

Fun tights!

Supersize me much? I went a little crazy, and made a huge doll. Meet Ginger. She's not yet finished, she needs a haircut, and some shoes, but soon she will be done! She's about 3 feet tall right now.

More pictures of Ginger will be posted when she is finished completely.

These are two dolls that I have made. Eleanor on the left, and Willow on the right. 
They are each about 18.5 inches tall and 4 inches wide (at their hair).

This exact doll shown is for sale. Currently there is only one made, but upon request I can make you the same doll with the same fabric and pattern (with no extra charge). See below for more photos of Eleanor, and information on Willow.

These dolls have legs that bend at the knee!

This exact doll shown is not for sale, but upon request I can make a copy of the same doll with the same fabric and pattern (with no extra charge). See below for more photos of Willow.

For custom requests or original doll requests, the dolls take from 3-7 days to make.
Soon I will make more dolls with different patterns and designs.
If you would like to make a custom request (different hair color, style, fabric, shoes, anything), email me with your request. Note: Custom orders add extra charges. 

Keep in mind, shipping is free in the US!!
I hope you like these!!